When will Australia’s first Australian-made beer become available in the country?

The world’s first-ever Australian-style beer is due to debut at the start of the year, and there’s already buzz about it from brewers around the country.ABC Food & Drink host Sam Smith has been reporting on Australian craft beer and has compiled a handy guide to all things Australian.

We spoke to some of the people behind the brewery, the beer and the brewers who are brewing it, to find out what’s driving the hype around the beer.

For example, what are the big players in the craft beer market, and why are they so keen to start selling in Australia?

Sam Smith: This is the biggest, most iconic Australian brewery in the world, and one of the first ones that really got to where it is today because of their success.

The brewery is actually called Cannonau, and they’re based in Tasmania, and it’s just been there for about five years.

The beer they’re brewing at the moment is called Bulldog, which is basically a collaboration between the two breweries.

It’s a very, very high-quality beer, and if you want to get a good taste of what the Bulldog is like, just get a taste of the brewery’s new IPA, called the Barrel-Aged Beer.

Bulldog comes from the Bull Dog barrel, which they’ve aged for over three years, and then the barrels of their beers have been aged for about three months.

That’s what’s making it so special.

Sam Smith and his wife, Sarah, both live in Canberra.

They started brewing Bulldog in the middle of 2016 and have been producing the beer at the brewery ever since.

Sam Smith: We’ve had a couple of people contact us recently asking if we had the barrel-aged version of Bulldog on tap, so we’ve been putting together a little bit of a barrel-aging system to try to give it that extra bit of extra flavor.

Sarah Smith: I think it’s great, because the barrel age has really helped to enhance the beer, so it’s actually more palatable than a bottle of beer that’s sitting in the fridge.

It comes out a little more like an old-fashioned style of beer, which we really enjoy.

SamSmith: It’s not just about the barrel.

They’re also using barrels in some of their other beers.

SarahSmith: I’ve been really excited by the fact that they’ve been able to get barrel-age in a way that we haven’t been able yet.

It is something that really adds depth to the beer without being as expensive as bottle-conditioned beers.

Sam and Sarah are the co-founders of the company.

The couple have been brewing beer for over 30 years, but they’re only just now getting the hang of brewing beer.

SamSmith: When we were in our early 20s, we were just starting out, so I was really lucky to get the chance to brew at the very start of our career.

Sarah: When you’re starting a brewery, you get all these opportunities, and we didn’t really realise how much of a role barrel-conditioning would play in a beer.

It was a huge turning point in my career.

Sam: When I first started to make beer, I was doing a lot of research, and I thought barrel-ages would just come in and ruin all the fun.

I didn’t think that it would actually be that important, but the last couple of years, barrels have really really helped me with my barrel-life.

Sarah: The barrels have also helped to increase the barrel strength.

I was a bit worried that my barrels were going to break down as I got older, but with the barrel aging, they’ve really done the trick, and now it’s more like a natural progression.

Sam: I feel like we’ve really grown as brewers, and the beers we’ve made, like the Barrel Aged Beer and Bulldog Barrel-aged Beer, have really evolved from a barrel beer to a really strong beer.

Sarah, who has been making beers at the company for four years, said she’s had a lot more fun with the beers that she’s brewed, and that she loves being a part of it.

Sam, who is a lifelong beer fan, has been fascinated by the world of beer for a long time.

She first became interested in brewing when she was in the seventh grade, and she was hooked from that point on.

She has worked in the brewing industry for five years now, and in her spare time she’s become a professional photographer.

Sam told ABC Food & the Drink: It was really the most fun job I’ve ever had, and what was the most exciting part about the business was being able to be a part that I was so passionate about.

It gave me so much energy and passion.

Sam says that she was particularly excited to be part of a business that was making a difference in the lives of so many people. She said

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