Why do some people find red wine a migraine?

The red wine industry is a big one.

It makes up around 20 per cent of Australia’s wine production.

But the red wine headache comes in all different flavours and sizes.

What’s it like to have a headache when you drink a red wine?

Dr Robert Leach explains What you need to know about red wine.

The red wines are known for their low-acid content and strong flavours, but can cause headaches for those who drink too much of it.

What are the symptoms of a red-wine headache?

You might have a mild headache.

These are usually caused by the wine’s low-acetaminophen content and the fact that some of the acids in the grape skins are acidic.

It’s these things that are actually triggering your headaches, and can also cause your skin to feel dry or painful.

When you drink too many red wine, you can also experience an allergic reaction to some of its ingredients.

The best way to avoid red wine headaches is to drink only a few glasses of red wine per day, and avoid excessive drinking.

Dr Robert Ainsworth, the author of the Red Wine Health Guide, says red wine is a drink that has a “strong flavour and a pleasant acidity, which are very different to other wines”.

What you can do if you have a red red wine-related headacheWhat you can eat: Some people find that eating a glass of red or white wine with dinner is a great way to combat red wine and migraines.

But some experts say it’s not the best choice if you’re suffering from migraine.

“If you have headaches, eat a glass or two of white wine, or a glass and a half of red,” Dr Ainsworthy says.

“Drink a couple of glasses of water before you eat, or even eat a few small glasses before you go to bed.”

A few drinks of wine can also help to control red wine’s headaches, he says.

Dr Leach says red wines should be consumed in moderation.

If you’re a wine drinker, he recommends avoiding drinking red wine while you’re pregnant, nursing or taking medication for a migraine.

What to do if your headache gets worseThe symptoms of red-vine headache may get worse over time.

But it’s important to stay calm, avoid stress and don’t take yourself too seriously.

You may experience a mild pain in your head, or you may feel your neck or arms become numb.

But most of the time, a red headache can’t be diagnosed with a test like a blood test.

You might also feel tired or dizzy.

If your headache worsens, seek medical advice.

But if you experience a headache for more than a day, you might need to get a medical opinion.

Your GP will decide whether to refer you to a specialist.

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