How to tell if a red wine is ripe or not?

The question was put to a group of wine experts, who had a simple answer: “It depends on what’s in the vineyard.”

But the experts also pointed out that most of the wines we buy are not actually ripe, meaning they are just at the ripe stage.

“A lot of them are just in the green stage of ripeness, and that’s why you can’t tell them apart,” said Chris Houser, an industry expert for the trade association Wine Merchants Association.

“You can’t really tell if they are ripe if they’re not.

It’s not like they’ve been sitting in the fridge for weeks or months and they’re going to ripen,” Housers said.

That’s because they have not undergone the process of ripening the wine, and they are still in the greenhouse, waiting for the sun to get them to the ripe point.

But Housman said that in the future, red wine could be ripe, and he believes the wine industry is moving forward to develop a system that could reduce the number of wines that need to be inspected by the government every year.

“The government is trying to get a system where you don’t have to go through every single wine in the world,” he said.

In the meantime, Housier said consumers should be mindful of their wine choices.

“What I would say is that if you’re buying a wine that’s ripe, be sure to do some research about the grape, what the maturity is and whether you’re going into the red or the white,” he added.

The ABC’s Peter Brown says wine is still the most expensive beverage in Australia, but consumers should not be concerned about the price tag.

He says it’s all about quality, and you should get the best possible price out of your wine.

“When you’re shopping for a wine, the first thing that you should look at is the price of the wine,” he says.

“If you can find the best price for a bottle of wine, then you should buy that bottle.”

There’s a lot of red wine that is actually going for a lot more money than you would pay for a red.

“We have a whole range of wines and I think that’s one of the things that has come down in price in the last 10 or 15 years is that red wine has become more affordable.”

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