A new red wine brand will start shipping in September 2018, as wine lovers across the country celebrate the end of the summer wine rush

A new wine brand from the Hatteras wine region will launch in September, as red wine lovers celebrate the summer holiday wine rush.

Sailor’s Pride will be launched by Hattera-based wine producer, D’Algiers Vineyards, on Friday, August 26, 2018.

“This is the beginning of something truly special,” said Hatteran Valley Council wine director Dave Sturgis.

“Sailors Pride is our brand new red-wine product, which will launch on September 2.”

Sailer’s Pride is a blend of red wines from the Cabernet Sauvignon region, including Sauvé Blanc, Château Lafite, and Cabernets Sauvée.

“We started this project back in 2012 and were thrilled with the response we received, but were still unsure if it would succeed,” Sturgides said.

“Our goal was to produce a new, bold, innovative, and exciting wine to complement our existing products.”

The new product, known as the “Hatteras Red Schoolhouse,” is a collaboration between the Cabrenet Valley wineries and Hatterans native red wine producer D’Aigle Vineyards.

The brand, which includes the names of the Cabenet Sauver family and Cabenets Sauves appellation, will launch at Hatterah Vineyards and the Cabins of the Valley in Hatterahs Bay.

“As a proud Cabernett Valley family and member of the Red School House Wine Club, we’re very excited to bring our innovative, award-winning wine to the market,” said D’Amigo-Bartlett, President of Hatterascourt Vineyards (HVV).

“We look forward to introducing the new Sailer’s pride to the Cabrini-Garcia region of Southern California, and to the world.”

The brand is being marketed through a new website, www.hatterascortywine.com, and through social media channels.

The brand’s website will feature the HVV-owned cabernet vineyards and other wines, as well as a full selection of wine samples, and an exclusive exclusive “HV” t-shirt.

“The name of the brand is inspired by the Haintas red-wine appellation in which we were founded,” said Sturgises marketing director, David Leggett.

“The Hatterastas Red schoolhouse has been the focus of our vineyards since 1882.

It was here that we developed our first wines, including our very first Caberneta Sauvère, and we continue to make a great Cabernetz Sauv.

We hope to inspire a new generation of wine lovers, and introduce a new type of wine to Southern California.”

Sailing in styleWith its blend of Cabernét Sauvés, Sauviers Blancs, Cabernetts, Cabrenets, Cabellas and other wineries, Hatteracost has long been known for its bold, sparkling red wines.

However, this year is the first year the Cabrene region has had its own wine festival.

“This year, we are taking a different approach to the festival,” Leggetts said.

“Sailing is a big part of our life here in the Cabroso,” he continued.

“We like to celebrate our wine culture, and the red wine culture in the region.

We’re not going to be focusing on one specific type of red wine.

We will have a variety of styles of reds that are a bit different, but we will definitely celebrate our CabroSO heritage.”

Sending it to the beachSailers Pride will arrive in the HvV-run Hatteraburg Bay at the end the summer, with the wine sold by HVVS and sold to the Bay’s wineries.

Leggets said the Bay-based wineries will get a taste of the new product at the beachside beachfront, and he expects to sell at least 500 bottles a day.

“I believe it will sell out quickly,” he said.

The wines will be served at a selection of local beachfront restaurants and restaurants that will serve it on their menus.HVVS plans to open the first bottles of Sailers Pride on July 1.

“At the end, we want to make sure we have a lot of great wines,” Leegett said.

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