How to get your favorite red wine to your next destination

LONDON (AP) You can’t just get wine at any grocery store, but it’s easy to find it online.

Wine-selling websites like, and offer wine at a discount to get you started.

The sites charge $3.50 per bottle, $2.50 for a six-pack and $3 for a bottle of wine. is one of the largest online retailers of red wines. has more than 7,000 wines on sale and more than 1,300 are available for purchase online.

“It’s a huge opportunity for wine buyers,” said David Lacey, director of wine research at the University of California, San Diego.

“The price point, the availability, the quality and the variety of wines are all things you can’t get anywhere else.”

The best way to get a taste of the wine is to buy it online, Lacey said.

Buyers who pay by the bottle are getting their wine at the same time they buy other beverages, like beer and wine, which are more expensive.

Wine drinkers who get a bottle for a few dollars are likely to like it more, Lacey said.

Wine lovers can shop online for wine at prices ranging from $7.99 a bottle to $2,000 a bottle.

The site offers the same variety of red wine at lower prices.

There’s no minimum order to buy wine online, but consumers have to be willing to pay a higher price to get the best wine possible, Latchos said.

It’s also important to choose wines that match your lifestyle, he said.

For example, red wine that is cheaper on a list at a grocery store may not be as good as a wine from a local vineyard, or wine that will last longer in storage.

The best time to buy is before the holiday season, when people are more likely to have their favorite foods, such as food items such as pizza and turkey sandwiches, refrigerated and frozen, on hand, Litchos said in an interview.

Some wine enthusiasts say that wine can be an essential part of any holiday.

“You don’t have to have wine, you just have to drink it,” said Dan Pacholk, author of “The Art of Wine,” which focuses on wine.

“Wine is like food.

You don’t even have to eat it, you can just drink it.”

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