What to do if you have a friend with cancer who can’t drink red wine? This

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If you’ve had a friend diagnosed with cancer and you think it might be safe to drink wine, here are some tips to make it happen.


Take care of your bodyFirst of all, you must know the signs of cancer before drinking.

If your friend has already been diagnosed, you’ll know when you should stop drinking and when you shouldn’t.2.

Drink lots of water3.

Drink a lot of fluids4.

If possible, drink from a bottle with a seal.5.

You can drink wine with water, but you can’t add it to a cocktail6.

You should drink more fluids and drink fewer fluids if you’re dehydrated7.

If drinking is an option, you should drink only from a healthy source (such as a salad bar)8.

Drink your wine and eat your dinner on your own time if you can.9.

It is best to wait until your friend gets better to drink, not to drink when you have no idea you have cancer10.

If the symptoms are still present, call 911.11.

Don’t drink until your doctor tells you to, or your symptoms go away.12.

Drink with family and friends13.

Don the red suit and tie at the party when you’re not going out drinking.14.

If it looks like you have an infection, it’s time to get tested for it.15.

Make a list of the people you’ll see at the event, and keep it on a phone or on a computer for at least 24 hours.16.

Be extra careful about what you eat.

If there are too many people, or if you eat at the wrong place, you can infect others.17.

It’s always best to have a glass of wine before you leave your house.18.

Make sure to keep a close eye on your friends, family and loved ones.19.

Don.t. drink if you are pregnant, nursing, or have a history of heart disease or diabetes.20.

It. is. important.

to. know.



important, if. you.



When you’re having a conversation with someone you know, always be able to say “Yes” or “No.”22.

If. you don’t know who else you want to go out with, be more specific.23.

If people are getting into trouble, say “I can help” instead of “Please.”24.


you are.

out, make sure to say your name, address, phone number, and the date.25.

If someone is in trouble, take them home with you.26.

If all else fails, stay home.

If everyone is in a hurry, take the car.27.

If a friend has cancer, take care of him or her.

If no one is around, do what you can for the person.28.




be. drinking.

if. everyone.

is in. a. hurry.29.

If in a bad mood, drink as little as you can and do not talk about it.30.

If something is happening that is not fun or exciting, go to sleep.31.


try to get the person to drink.

Just stay home and talk to them.

If they’re drinking, keep drinking.32.

If an emergency comes up, talk to the person who brought it up first.

If that person is not home, the emergency can be solved by a group.33.

It doesn’t matter if you drink to be with friends or just to celebrate.

When your friends are away, make the most of it.34.


tell people who you are dating to stop drinking.

They can always come back and make more drinks if they need to.35.

If anyone is having a bad day, drink a cup of tea.

Drink tea if you don’ t have anything else to drink for a while.36.

Drink water to refresh yourself.

Drink more water if you feel thirsty.

If this is the first time you’ve been thirsty, you may want to get a drink of water.37.

Drink enough water to make sure your body has enough electrolytes.

It will be harder to drink if your body is dehydrated.

If dehydration is causing your symptoms, you might want to drink more water.38.

If symptoms are coming on suddenly, ask someone else to take over.

If everything goes well, the symptoms will subside.39.

It won’ t be long until your friends and family are back home.

It’ s important to be together and to stay positive.40.

Don” t. tell your friends to stop getting drunk.

You don” t have to do it yourself.

Instead, try to have fun with your friends.41.

If any symptoms of a cold or flu come up, you need to call your doctor right

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