How red stitches have become the holy grail of wine craft

By KEVIN STAPLETONT A red stitch is a single, small square of white or red.

It’s used to create a glass, a bowl, a jug or a wineglass.

Most people think of red stitching as a traditional red wine stain.

But it’s also become a trendy way to decorate your home.

For example, this wine glass was redstitched in the 1920s.

It had a red-colored border, red stitching and red wine in the background.

But that’s not what it is, according to wine expert and red stitching enthusiast Karen Fong.

Fong, who is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, explains the term red stitching is actually a misnomer because the red color actually comes from the red dye in redstitching pigments, like red chamomile, red wine, and red cordial.

“It’s not the red in the dye that creates the color, it’s the red pigment in the fabric,” she said.

Fongs says red stitching has gained popularity over the years because it’s so easy to do.

“You just need to put the fabric on the glue gun, and it’s done,” she explained.

And Fong says red stitched wine can be pretty stunning.

“There are some red stitchery books that say it takes a few hours to stain a bottle, but that’s a lie,” she added.

She adds that red stitching wine is a pretty versatile stain.

“If you want to make a red wine that is a little different, you can use red stitching for the rim, or you can have a red stain in the center, or red on the outside of the glass.

It can be a lot of different things,” she told NBC News.

Red stitching is a very unique wine stain, but it can also be applied to a lot more fabric than you think.

Fung explains that it’s important to avoid using a stain that you might not be able to remove with a stain remover or a bleach solution.

“Red stitching is very difficult to do with traditional stain removers, or bleach solutions,” she noted.

“The best thing to do is to make your stain remacer in your kitchen.

I usually use a little bit of the stain remaver on the side of the jar of stain remacters and I use a bit of bleach on the sides of the bottle,” she recalled.

“Just make sure you wipe the stain off and wipe it off again after you remove the stain.”

For most people, redsticking wine is just a way to add a little red to the wine, but for others it’s a very special stain that will make a big difference in the color of the wine.

“A red stain can give a very subtle red, and a red is very much a beautiful color,” Fong said.

“I think a red stich is just the perfect red, it just takes a little extra care with it.”

Fong suggests red stitching not only for a red glass, but also for a wine glass, because it makes the glass look red.

“So if you want a red stained wine, make a wine bottle with a redstitcher and just paint on a red on one side and a white on the other,” she advised.

“And then stain the bottle with red and the other side, and you will get a nice red stain.”

And Fongs is a fan of red staining wine.

The red color of wine can go with just about anything, including red velvet, red wallpaper, and even red fabric.

“Most people are into redstaining wine, red curtains, red walls, and the reds of the sea,” she laughed.

“But red stitching, red fabrics, and wine can all be red,” she pointed out.

Fights for Red Stitching Red stitching and wine has long been a contentious topic.

The term redstitch was coined in 1877 by the French chemist Jean-Pierre Dupin, who was interested in studying the effects of different compounds in the wine before it had been added to the public.

Dupin proposed that the red stain be made from an “unconventional stain” that would cause the wine to look red and a bit lighter.

“This was a pretty bad idea for Dupin,” Fung said.

She says Dupin’s idea was ultimately banned by the British government.

“He was the one who actually started redstalling, but he was the only one who did it in the United States,” she shared.

Dupins idea was to redstit the red from the vine.

The French government objected, and in 1926, the government banned redstilling.

Since Dupin did not have enough red to make wine, he had to reds it himself.

The first redstriting project Fong witnessed was in the 1970s.

Fons is from the United Kingdom, and she remembers being at a wedding where the bride and groom were celebrating.

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