How did this beer become a global sensation?

The beer is named after the fictional character Phantom Red, a red-faced bartender who sells drinks to ghosts and spirits.

The beer was created in 2007 by two brothers, John and David Cannonau, who wanted to create a new type of red wine to appeal to the younger generation of beer drinkers.

The brothers used the beer as inspiration for a beer that was called Chilly Red.

Chilly has a darker color and aroma, and is a red ale that is traditionally brewed with wheat, barley and hops.

The name of the beer is a reference to the famous ‘Ghost of Chilly Hill’ that sits atop the Chilly Falls on the Chilkoot peninsula in New South Wales.

A new generation of Australian brewers have taken up the craft beer movement and are trying to capture the new wave of interest.

They’re doing it by releasing more and more unusual beers in the hope of winning back some of the older generation’s taste buds.

Beer experts have dubbed the style “chillables” after the local region where the brewery is located in Canberra.

‘The chilly trend’ Beer expert, Sam Smith, from BeerAdvocate, says the new craft beer style is making its way around the world and it’s going to continue to grow in popularity.

He said the trend of “chilling” beer was a good sign.

“We’re seeing a lot of the brewers are looking at chilling as a way to market their beers,” Mr Smith said.

“We’ve seen some of these trends in Australia already and they’ve had some success there, but there’s some other markets that have had success with chillables too,” he said. “

And I think it’s a good thing for the craft brewing industry as well because it’s also a great way for brewers to attract younger people who are interested in beer and who don’t necessarily necessarily like a lot or even want to drink it at all.”

“We’ve seen some of these trends in Australia already and they’ve had some success there, but there’s some other markets that have had success with chillables too,” he said.

He says chillables have also made a splash in the US, and he thinks they’ll continue to do so.

“Chillables are definitely something that’s happening in Australia and it is a good trend to look forward to,” Mr Sam said.

Beer is a global industry Mr Smith says beer has a global appeal and it will be interesting to see how long this trend lasts.

“I think that it will continue to expand, because I think the trend is there for quite a while,” he predicted.

“But you know, I don’t think it will go away, I think there will be more and better versions of it.”

The chillables trend has been a big success in Australia, with the beer brand Chilly Brewing in Sydney and the beer maker Chilly Beer in Melbourne having launched their own chillables brands.

Mr Smith believes that the trend will continue and the beers may even become more popular in the States.

“There are definitely going to be more chillable beers coming out of Australia over the next few years, I would say the US is definitely going into a chillables trend,” he laughed.

“They’re probably the most popular beer in Australia right now, I can tell you that.”

A new breed of chillable beer Mr Smith is not the only one to predict a chillable resurgence in Australia.

The Australian Craft Beer Association (ACBA) has also been pushing the idea that chillables are on the rise.

They believe that a lot more brewers are producing chillables in Australia than the last decade and that it is now a global phenomenon.

“It’s really exciting,” ACBA general manager of sales and marketing Paul MacQuarrie said.

Mr MacQuars said that it was a great time for the beer industry to take off, with brewers such as New Zealand’s Wellington Beer and South Australian’s Southport Brewing Company making some of their first chillables beers.

“As the years go on, I’m sure that we’re going to see more and larger breweries coming out with some of our more interesting beers,” he added.

He believes that chillable beers are on their way to becoming a global trend and he says the beer craze in Australia is one of the reasons.

“Australia has always been one of those markets where the trend has gone from strength to strength,” he noted.

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