Red wine restaurant has an eye on your health

A red wine eatery in central London is taking a different approach to helping you stay healthy.

The Red Wine Café has been offering free meals to the poor, unemployed and people on food and housing benefit for five years.

It is a simple concept: a cafe sits on a street corner and serves delicious red wine to the public in exchange for free meals.

The concept was first noticed in the town of Hove and the café has since been opening in the area.

The idea is simple: the cafe helps people on the dole or living on low incomes to stay healthy by providing them with nutritious, fresh food.

The Red Wine Cafe has had a positive response from its customers and its founders, Mark and Maria Mancini, have said it has helped people to take control of their health and destigmatise poverty.

The cafe is part of the Red Wine campaign, which aims to get people to start eating healthy and making positive changes in their lives.

The founders of Red Wine said the concept has been a big hit with the local community and it has been one of the main drivers behind their business.

Red Wine Café owner and founder Mark Mancinis, centre, has worked with the homeless for five and a half years.

Mark Mancinas said the idea has helped many people who were on the street or homeless.

The idea is very simple, he said.

You go to a cafe, sit in a cafe and you can get food for free.

I’ve had customers come up to me and say, ‘I didn’t know I could get food here’.

Red Wine Cafe owner and entrepreneur Maria MANCINIS, left, and founder John Geddes.

Mark and Maria’s idea of a cafe serving healthy food for the poor has been embraced by the community.

Red wine is not the only food they serve, but it is a good source of energy, they said.

The café offers healthy food and also has free meals for those on the foodbanks and other community service programs.

They also provide free haircuts, toothbrushes and other supplies.

Red wines are delicious, they say.

They offer meals, free haircubs, tooth brushes and free haircades.

Red Wines have been served in Hove for about a year.

Redwine cafe owners Mark and Marie Mancininis say they are happy with the response they have had.

They hope to be in the same position as some other cafes in the country and have been offering the cafe for about five years, which means it has served many people.

RedWine cafe owners and founders Mark and Mariana Mancincinis say their idea of the cafe has been accepted by the local population.

The cafe has served millions of people in Hoves past and it is part the RedWine campaign.

Red Wine is not a food or drink, but rather a way of life, they explained.

Food and drink is a part of our culture and our society.

It is important for us to have healthy eating habits, and this has been very important to me.

Red Wine serves healthy food, which is good for our bodies.

We try to provide a good meal.

Redwiners say they have been happy with how people have responded to the concept and are pleased to have helped people in need.

They said they are hoping to expand to other parts of the country.

Mark said he was very excited to have started Red Wine.

He said:We want to serve people who are on the edge of the food poverty trap.

The food is very nutritious and it makes you feel good and healthy.

It’s a wonderful concept, a great opportunity to help the community in a positive way.

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