Wine retailer’s ‘red’ wine will be ‘more expensive’ in Australia

Wine retailer Aussies Red Wine Decanter is changing its name from Red Wine and will have an additional price point of $120 to $200 in Australia.

“We have a brand which is more affordable than other red wines,” Ms Rolfe said.

The Australian Red Wine Association (ARWA) said it was making the change to make it more competitive.

“Our members are happy with the price and quality of our red wines and would like to see this price increase to reflect the price of the red wine,” ARWA CEO Michael Fennell said.

“Red wines have a long history of being expensive, so we are making it even more expensive.”

Mr Fennel said the change would be “more affordable for Australian consumers”.

“The Australian Red Wines Association has a long-standing commitment to helping Australians understand the significance of the Australian red wine and its distinctive characteristics, and this is our opportunity to show our members that our red wine is a premium wine that should be affordable,” he said.

Mr Fell said the ARWA would continue to work with retailers to find the right price and that the price change would not affect their existing customers.

ARWA says it has raised concerns with the wine retailer about the change, including whether the company would be required to change its name. “

However, it is important that our members are aware of the increased costs for all Australian consumers, including those who do not buy from the Aussie Red Wine Company,” he added.

ARWA says it has raised concerns with the wine retailer about the change, including whether the company would be required to change its name.

The company said it had not heard from the ARSA about its concerns and was taking its time to consider the feedback.

The Aussie wine industry has been growing in Australia over the last decade, but there is concern about the price.

It is also understood the Aussie wine industry could suffer because of the new pricing.

A report from the Australian Council of Industry said it would like the price to be increased to reflect inflation and other changes to consumer behaviour.

“The increase will increase the cost of Aussied wine significantly and increase the barriers for consumers to buy Australian wine, particularly for consumers of small and medium sized businesses, who often do not have the means to purchase wine at their own pace,” the report said.

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