What to expect from a wine tasting at a local eatery

A little-known local restaurant that’s popular among wine connoisseurs may be taking over a popular dining spot in Atlanta.

The owners of New Orleans-based Chocolat is moving into the historic Union Market space on Georgia Avenue.

Chocolat has been in the restaurant business since 2004 and is one of the most popular restaurants in Atlanta, with its signature red wine cocktails.

They’re also known for their food.

Chocolate Chocolates recently opened a location in the Georgia Market.

Chocolates will be opening a new restaurant in the Atlanta Union Market in 2018.

The Union Market, a popular shopping and dining destination, is also the home to several bars and restaurants.

The restaurant and bar space is being leased by the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The Georgia Tech students, who recently opened the school’s new residence, plan to relocate to Georgia Avenue and are working with the Chocolats to find a location there.

Cholores owner, Matt McBride, said the lease has been signed, and the company plans to open by the end of 2018.

McBride said he hopes to open a new Chocolate in Georgia Avenue in a few months.

The new location will be closer to the Georgia Tech campus than the current location, but it’s not certain how many restaurants will be open at the new location, he said.

Chococat, which is based in Atlanta but has restaurants in New Orleans and Los Angeles, has opened three restaurants in the past five years.

Its menu includes the popular Chocolatica, a red wine dessert with chocolate sauce, but also a seasonal menu with more seasonal dishes.

The Chocolatics were founded in 2004 by Matthew McBride and his wife, Jessica.

Choco, which opened in 2003 in Atlanta’s historic Union Square, has been serving up its signature chocolate chocolates since 2008.

The restaurant has a focus on local craft beer, and has expanded from Atlanta to New Orleans in recent years.

The Georgia Tech student-run restaurant is owned by the students of Georgia State University, where it was founded.

The Chocolators are also the proud owners of the original Union Market restaurant, located in the building that houses the Georgia State Center.

The building is now owned by its new owners.

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