‘A new kind of wine’ to compete with ‘premium’ brands

A new brand of wine that uses a special blend of red grapes and sweet red wine from different regions in Ireland is set to launch on Wednesday.

The wines, which are being marketed as a “new type of wine”, are being developed by an Irish wine producer called Ovens Wine.

The brand, called Red Wine, is being launched by Oven’s co-founder, Redmond and Dayan Redwine.

The new wine is made from red wine grapes grown in the Co Meath region, a region that has produced some of the best wines in the world.

Red Wine is being marketed by Ovels as “a new type of Irish wine”, but in reality it’s an old-fashioned, simple and affordable red wine.

“We are not taking any risk with this wine, the producers are taking no risks and we are putting in a premium price tag for the product,” Oven said.

“Red Wine’s purpose is to be an affordable, delicious and affordable Irish wine.

It’s the best of both worlds.”

The wine is also being sold in the US and Canada.

It comes at a time when red wine consumption is on the rise in Ireland.

The number of red wine drinkers in Ireland has increased by a staggering 76% in the last 10 years.

Ovens said it has been looking at “innovative ways” to compete.

“With this new wine, Oven is taking a risk and taking a chance, we are doing something unique and different,” said Oven CEO Patrick Redmonte.

“It’s a little bit different from what we’ve been doing before but we are really excited to see what the reaction is from consumers.”

Red Wine was developed by Overesteam, a small company based in Co Dublin, and has received funding from the Irish government.

The wine will be available at the Oven website, on the Overes website, and at a special event in Dublin on Tuesday.

The event is being held at the Royal Society of Fine Arts, the home of Fine Art, and will feature artworks by artists from the United Kingdom and Canada and Irish artists.

“I have to say I’m very excited about this, this is a really big win for Ireland, it’s a huge opportunity for Oven,” said Redmonter.

“It’s an opportunity for us to get the word out to the world and I’m really looking forward to that.”

Redmond and Oven are looking to tap into a growing demand for cheaper, more affordable wine, as the economy is expected to grow.

“The number one consumer is in Ireland, and I think we’ve seen a big change in the past couple of years,” said Patrick Redmond.

“The number two consumer is not in the UK, and it’s not going to happen for a while, so it’s something we’ve got to address.”

If people are getting priced out of buying wine, it means the consumer has nowhere else to go and it is something that we need to address very quickly.

“Redux wine was first introduced in Europe by the German winemaker Schlosser in 1876, and the brand is still one of the most widely used wines in Ireland with more than 100,000 bottles in the country.

Overestes, which is owned by Dublin’s Oven, was founded in 2004 by Redmond, who was a senior wine producer at Overendale, a major wine producer in the British Isles.

Ovels Wine, which also includes Oven and Ovel’s sister company, Overenthus, were established in 2008.

The company is now based in Loughborough, England, and employs about 800 people.

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