‘Portugal red’ wines are more expensive than the rest of Europe

Portugal red wine is more expensive per litre than most other reds in Europe, but it also has the highest percentage of winemakers who produce it, according to a study published today.

The study found that the average price per litres of Portugal reds is 4.9 euros (€3.27) higher than the EU average, which is around 6.5 euros (6.6 cents).

It found that in the wine-growing region of Madeira, the price of Portugal’s best reds has been increasing, but the cost of the other red wines is increasing slower.

The wine-producing region of Mato Grosso do Sul in Brazil, where Portuguese wine is a big export, has a wine price of 6.7 euros per litret, while in Portugal it is 7.5.

The most expensive wine is made by the local Mecanican wine maker, Não Cacao, and it is the third most expensive red in Europe.

This is despite the fact that the region is one of the most expensive areas in the world to grow and win grapes.

There are also reports that the local government of Cádiz is spending nearly €300 million on a new winery.

This new winemaker will be the first in the region to produce Portuguese reds.

Other regions of the country with the highest wine prices include São Paulo, where it is €3.80 per litrepere, the Catalan region of Asturias, where the price is €4.70 per litrett, and the French region of Alsace-Lorraine, where prices have increased by around 6%.

However, the average prices for other wines in Portugal are still cheaper than the average in Europe and have remained stable.

The wines produced by the Portuguese winemaking sector in Portugal have also been improving in quality over the years.

In 2014, the industry reported a 4.7-percent increase in the number of wineries producing quality wines.

The latest data showed that the number has risen to 8.6 percent.

This represents a 10-percent improvement from 2013, when the number was still in the single digits.

In the year 2013, the number rose to 16.4 percent, according a report from the Wine Institute of Portugal.

However, in 2016 the number dropped to 4.6-percent.

The institute reported that the total number of producers in the industry rose to over 20,000 in 2016.

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