Wine and the brain: How to get drunk faster

The world’s most popular red wine, the Red, is often credited with helping to curb binge drinking among younger drinkers.

But according to research from University of Wisconsin-Madison professor Brian Nosek, the wine is a little bit of a double-edged sword.

The red wine has an antioxidant called lactic acid, Nosek told Fox News.

This acid breaks down sugar in the body, helping to lower blood sugar levels.

But the effect on drinking has not been well studied.

Instead, Noseke said he wanted to find out if wine could help people who were not normally drinking to stop drinking, or even if it could help them cut down on the amount of alcohol they were drinking.

To do that, he and his colleagues had participants take a bottle of wine and take a test called the Wine and Dine challenge.

The goal of the study was to determine how well participants could keep a drink down while still enjoying a drink.

The participants were split into three groups, with one of the groups given a bottle with either the red or white wine.

They were then given a task that required them to drink a drink, and the next task was to eat a snack.

The wine and snacks groups drank more than the red wine and red snacks groups.

In total, the study participants drank about 3.4 times as much as the control group, according to a news release from the University of Wiscas findings.

Nosek said he and colleagues wanted to know if the red wines could help reduce binge drinking, as a way to help people get over a tough time.

In the past, Noseka said he has found that people who drink more red wine tend to binge more, and that this may be a problem.

But this was not the case in the new study, according the news release.

Nosingk said it was interesting that the participants were drinking more wine than usual when they were asked to drink the red.

That might have helped keep them in control, and could have also reduced the amount they drank.

However, he said he was surprised to find that the reds were less effective than the white wines.

He said that the researchers were not sure if this was a side effect of the red versus white wines, or if the researchers used a different type of red wine than the ones they had in the study.

If the red were really helping people to drink less, he added, they might also be less likely to binge.

Noskin said he had to be careful to distinguish between the red and white wines in the studies because the researchers wanted to see how the effects were felt by different types of drinkers.

The researchers have been working on their research since 2013, and their next study is planned to be published in early 2018.

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