Wine tasting: The 10 best wines from across Australia

The state of Victoria, home to the world’s highest concentration of red wine producers, is also home to a plethora of fantastic white wines.

The state is home to more than a dozen varieties of red wines, including the white wine, which is the province’s best-selling wine.

“The red wine has a lot of character to it and that’s why I love it,” said James MacLean, the owner of the Red Wine Cafe in Melbourne.

The cafe was one of the first to bring the wines to Victoria in 2004.

Mr MacLean said his customers would come in with a list of five or six wines and try each.

When asked about his favourite wine, Mr MacLean replied: “I can’t really tell you.

I’m really into white wines.”

Victoria is home, however, to only one other white wine producer: New Zealand-based Winfield.

Its white wine was awarded a World Heritage Site designation in 2005.

Winfield also has the distinction of being the only white wine farm in Australia to have a grape growing in their fields, the New Zealand Herald reported.

But there are a number of other wineries in Victoria that make good wine too.

Dr Andrew Naylor of the Victoria Wine Institute says there is a big gap in the country’s wine industry.

Victoria has about two million people, and more than three million people are wine producers.

It’s also home of one of Australia’s oldest wine-making traditions.

Vineyards have been producing wine since at least the late 1700s, according to the Victorian Heritage Centre.

In 1901, the first grape harvest in Victoria was taken at the farm of Thomas Purdy in the eastern suburb of Maitland.

Purdy sold his vineyard and the grapes to the Royal Australian Navy in the 1920s.

More than 100 years later, the shipyard of Purdy’s son, James, is still operating today, with the production of white wines being overseen by James MacLeod, who was once the president of the Royal Adelaide and Newcastle Boathouses.

One of the best wine bars in Victoria, and one of Victoria’s best wineries, is Red Dog Wine Bar in the inner-city suburb of Gippsland.

Mr MacLeod has been producing wines since 1971.

He says that since his father’s death, he has tried to make more of the wines in the area.

“I think that’s been a bit of a challenge because people don’t think there’s anything special in the region.

They think it’s just a nice place to eat and drink,” he said.

James MacLean is a winemaker in Melbourne, and his Red Wine Café is one of many that are part of the wine scene in Victoria.

Wine tasting: A guide to the best wines around Victoria article There are also some other winery-friendly cities in Victoria such as Launceston and St Kilda.

However, if you do want to taste a local, there is plenty to do in Victoria’s north.

Take a trip to Penrith, which has more than 20 wineries and is the heart of Victoria wine country.

If you want to visit the state’s wine country, there are many great wine destinations, from the beautiful countryside of the Great Barrier Reef to the wine region of South Australia.

Read more about wine in this story on ABC News.

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