When the first-ever ruby red wine was introduced, it had a very different flavor than what it’s become, says the company behind the beverage.

The first ruby red was made by the famous Burgundy-based company Burgundy Red Wine in France in the 1800s, but it was only in the 1920s that the wine became widely available and enjoyed worldwide.

And as it was a French product, it quickly became an international success, with more than 60 million bottles sold in just the first decade of its existence.

The wine’s origins can be traced back to the wine-growing region of Burgundy, which has a long history of using its wine for cooking and perfumery.

In recent years, Burgundy has started to experiment with red wine as a more refined, premium product.

In 2015, it started offering the first of these new products in the U.S. and is currently making its first ruby wines in the fall.

The company is not the only one to be experimenting with ruby reds, however.

The first-generation ruby red has its roots in a classic French wine, and is a perfect complement to many dishes, like pâté, that feature roasted red peppers.

The new wine is also a great choice for a dinner party, where it’s paired with a rich but flavorful roast beef, which can be cooked in a single layer, or served on a bed of roasted potatoes.

In fact, Burgundies ruby red is so flavorful that it can be a nice addition to a classic roast beef dish.

In terms of flavor, Burgurys ruby red isn’t exactly a classic.

It’s a bit sweeter than a standard red, but not much more.

It also lacks the tang of other ruby red wines, like Pinot Noir, which also has a very similar flavor profile.

But if you want a more flavorful ruby red, you should definitely try it.

It tastes amazing, and it can easily be paired with almost any food, especially when you add in some grilled chicken, or a grilled steak with a red wine.

Burgundy says the new ruby red will be available this fall.

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