Why Pinot Noir is now worth more than gold

Big red wine is a rare wine and Pinot is considered a great quality.

But it’s worth around $6,000 per ton.

That means a bottle of Pinot Blanc costs about $12,000 to make.

That’s because the Pinot family has been producing Pinot since 1851.

The grapes are a medium red and a dark green, and the wine is rich in the mineral gold.

It’s a wine made with high quality grapes that are high in copper, iron and iron-rich copper.

It also has the lowest acidity and the highest alcohol content of any red wine in the world.

Pinot red wines are very affordable.

A bottle of wine can be purchased for about $2,000 and is often sold for $1,000.

They’re also incredibly high in alcohol.

For example, the Pinots in the Pinatas are known for being around 40% alcohol by volume, and there’s no way you could drink it and not feel like you were drinking gold.

But there are other reasons why it’s a great wine to have.

The Pinot wine is also popular for its medicinal qualities.

Pinots have a lot of medicinal properties.

One of them is the gallbladder enzyme.

Gallbladder enzymes are important because they can break down toxins that can cause gallstones, which are the hard, red blood cells that circulate in the body.

The gallbladders in Pinot are the most potent in the human body and they’re used to break down the toxin, which is the reason the wines are called Pinot-like.

Pinos are also rich in calcium.

The wines have the highest levels of calcium of any wine in Australia.

Pinoton red wines have a strong acidity which makes them great for drinking in small quantities.

But if you want to drink them with a big steak or a hot dog, they’ll have to be kept cold.

The good news is that they’re incredibly good to drink with other wines.

They are also excellent with chocolate and some types of cheeses.

The bad news is there’s not much wine making around the world, so you’ll have a long wait to get your hands on a bottle.

But you’ll be happy to know you’ll get the chance to taste some of the most expensive wines in Australia at this year’s World Wine Awards in Adelaide.

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