Red wine: The story of the red wine

When it comes to the red wines that go into your wine, there’s only one way to go.

You can buy red wines from the supermarket and pay a fortune to be able to taste them, or you can go to the vineyard and make your own.

That’s where the history of the wine goes from here.

It’s all in the grapes.

The grapes were not originally red, but they have a greenish hue, and they were traditionally used in wine making for their strength.

The name ‘wine’ is derived from the Greek words ‘vaykis’ and ‘rhetoric’, meaning “speech”.

The word ‘rheum’ means ‘to speak’.

But it’s not just the grape.

The vineyard was also a place where the gods were worshipped, and this is where the word ‘god’ came to mean something beyond just a god.

The Greek god Hermes was thought to be the god of wine.

‘Vaykos’ was a common name for this god in the ancient world.

So, the word red came to be used to describe the colour of wine, and it became synonymous with the wine.

Red wine was first made in the early 1500s, in Europe, by the Romans.

The Romans also invented the ‘wine bottle’, a type of glass bottle that contained wine.

The ‘wine pen’ was invented in the 17th century, by British chemist Thomas Newton, who was fascinated by the chemistry of the elements in the wine-making process.

The first wine bottle was made in France by French wine maker Louis Riel.

Riel was also an expert in the red-wine tradition, and he believed the red color of the grapes was the key to making the best wine.

But it was Riel’s idea of making red wine that got him into trouble.

He was accused of fraud and was fined.

Riols claims that he had never had any knowledge of wine making.

His lawyer said that Riel, who had no knowledge of the science of fermentation, was making a false claim.

‘It’s an obvious falsehood to say that the wine is the product of the grape, because the grape is not an agricultural organism,’ Riol said.

The wine industry had changed drastically in the next 100 years.

It wasn’t just the Germans who started making red wines, it was also the Italians, the Italians had always had a reputation for producing good wine.

So the Italian wine industry took a gamble on Riol, who would take his theory of fermentation to the other side of the Atlantic, and the first European red wine came from his vineyard.

The British government banned the use of the word wine in the British Isles until it was changed in 1839.

But in 1843, the British Parliament passed a law allowing people to call wine ‘red’ and the word was finally changed back to wine.

After the change, it is no longer a word you use to describe a wine, but an adjective.

The word red has come to be associated with a lot of things.

It can refer to red wine, red meat, red paint, red leather, red curtains, red flowers, red clothing, red food, red wine and red cheese.

And now, red is also a brand name for a lot a red and white colouring on products such as the sofa and the sofa cushions.

What does the word mean?

The word means ‘spirit’.

It means ‘heart’ or ‘spirit’, which is a key word in Greek.

It also means ‘fire’.

The word is used to indicate ‘life’, ‘death’, ‘spirit’ and other qualities.

The red wine industry was also heavily influenced by the ancient Greek philosophers who lived around the same time.

The Greeks were the first people to use wine in cooking.

They were also the first to make it into a medicine, to treat a number of ailments.

In Greece, red was a popular colour for a number, including purple, yellow, blue and green.

Greek physicians believed that the colour red was associated with health and prosperity, and therefore helped them with a variety of illnesses.

‘The red colour was a colour used to attract the eye and also the soul to its object,’ writes author Andrew Wainwright in his book ‘A History of Wine’.

But the colour was also associated with death, as well as the pain caused by a disease, so red was also used as a way to scare away evil spirits.

What are the benefits of red?

Red wine is thought to help treat various illnesses and disorders.

It has been shown to reduce inflammation and inflammation is the cause of many conditions such as cancer, asthma and diabetes.

The chemical compound known as ‘resveratrol’ is found in red wine.

It works by activating a chemical pathway in the body that helps fight off cancer cells.

Resveratros is also found in certain berries, and there is evidence that it may have a beneficial effect on the immune system,

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