‘No doubt’: Red wine drinkers have been spoilt

Red wine is back in the headlines after a new study found that drinkers who enjoy it in moderation were much less likely to be obese.

Researchers found that those who drink more red wine per day were more likely to have lower body mass indexes and lower waistlines than those who drank less red wine.

The findings suggest that red wine is a healthy option for those who are trying to lose weight and that it may help curb the obesity epidemic.

“We are seeing evidence that red wines are not only good for the heart, they are a good way to lower waistline,” said study author Dr. Robert Rupprecht, of the University of California, San Diego.

“For a long time, we were looking for ways to lower obesity rates,” he said.

“It’s not just a matter of eating more, it’s a matter that you drink more.

You need to consume a larger amount of calories and exercise more.”

Dr Ruppecht and his colleagues analyzed data from the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, which asked people to complete questionnaires every three years for the past 35 years.

The survey also asked people about their health habits.

Participants were asked whether they drank wine at least once a week and if they drank any other alcoholic beverages.

The researchers found that for every 20-point increase in a person’s intake of red wine (or any other beverage) a person was 4.4 kilograms (9.7 pounds) lighter, or 0.24 kg (1.2 pounds) smaller in height.

The difference was statistically significant at a 2.1-point level.

But, as the researchers noted, the researchers did not look at whether the diet and exercise behaviors of the participants had an impact on the health of the study participants.

What’s more, the amount of red-wine consumption a person consumed did not predict whether they were overweight or obese.

The average amount of wine a person drank per day was about 1.7 liters (9 gallons) per person.

That means that a 20-cent increase in the amount a person drinks per day translates to roughly a 0.3-cent weight loss.

The authors also found that red-and-white wine consumption did not appear to affect a person and their waistline.

Red wine drinkers who consumed more red were significantly more likely than those in other wine groups to have a waistline of less than 30 inches (78 centimeters).

But, the average waistline for red wine drinkers was 26.5 inches (77.7 centimeters).

Red wine also didn’t appear to have an effect on the people who drank it more or less.

In fact, the group of red drinkers who had the highest daily intake of wine per week, those who were also consuming the highest amounts of alcohol, was not significantly more or significantly less likely than the other groups to be overweight or to be considered obese.

“Our findings do not suggest that consuming more red and white wine is associated with weight gain,” Dr Rupperecht said.

“The findings are important because it suggests that red and whites may be a more effective way to decrease obesity than reducing consumption of other alcoholic drinks.”

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