Red wine, a big winner for German beer lovers

A German beer company has won a major victory in its battle to block a law that would make German wine more expensive.

Key points:The German Beverage Council (DBK) says a German wine can cost €2,500 more than an American one, and the German government says the move is unfairThe DBK is a government agency that monitors competition in the beverage industry and wants to make it easier for consumers to buy and drink German beerBeretsche Fassung said its decision to withdraw from the market for the beer brand Bockheideschwager in Germany was based on the new law.

“The Bockheimischwagers’ brand and value as a brand and product, as well as its provenance, were not a factor in the decision,” DBK CEO Markus Kopp said.

Bockheims beer, which was introduced in 2011, was introduced with a price tag of €2.25, or about £1.25.

The new law, which came into effect on Monday, requires retailers to display the German beer label and price at the point of purchase, and bar the sale of any products that do not comply with the law.

The DBJ, which is part of the European Commission, has been pressing for the law, known as the Brand Beer Act, to be changed to make German wines cheaper.

The measure is aimed at addressing the rising cost of German wines, which are often sold in limited numbers.

Bauhaus founder Karl August said the DBK’s decision was unfair.

“We’re not interested in the price of beer,” he told the Reuters news agency.

“For the first time in Germany, the DBJ has decided that a Bockheitischwager should not be sold.”

Bockheisers wine is also cheaper than American beers, which cost about $8.50 a bottle in the US and $8 a bottle for German-made beer, according to Bauhaus.

The German government, which has been fighting the BrandBeer Act for years, has also been calling on the DBZ to withdraw its support.

“Today we have made it clear to the DBF that this legislation is unfair, unfair, and we will not sell any Bockheires beer at this price,” the German Trade Minister Hans-Christian Ströbele said on Twitter on Sunday.

The ban has been welcomed by the German wine industry, which said it welcomed the DBG’s decision.

“BockHEISCHWAGER, the only BockHEISMOT beer brand in Germany and a major brand of its own, is a great asset for consumers who want to enjoy German wines in the style of the Bockbachs, Bockholts and Bockhausens,” said German Bierkraftschaftsrat, the state-owned wine industry group, in a statement.

The AB in the UK, which also sold the Bockerheiser brand in the United Kingdom, has said it is also disappointed with the decision.

“It is a sad day for the British wine industry,” a spokesman said.

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